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About us

Our main objective is to facilitate business growth, we are a consulting firm that supports the industry to expand sales by promoting their incursion to exports and international business.

We offer customized solutions that contribute to the growth and consolidation of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. We base our advice in tailored and innovative solutions, we have extensive experience in developing and making businesses more productive, we are integrated specialists highly educated, technical and human, allowing us to realistically understand the needs and ways of intervention to help develop and improve organizations.

We develop exports and international business through market intelligence processes and improvement of production processes. We elaborate  diagnoses of our clients, offering solutions, providing tools, training and advice for those companies that intending to grow through exports or international business. We have specialized in export promotion of  Mexican products to the United States and the European Union.

We prepare business plans and / or integrated projects based on business needs in order to provide an indispensable tool for decision making and for defining the strategy, critical path, risk identification, work plan, goals, etc. We deliver a tool through which you can make an objective assessment of the feasibility of the business or project, to reassess, look for alternatives, implement actions and / or redirect the project.

We provide advice on public relations and government contact for Micro, Small and Medium enterprise in order to support the communication and management process harmoniously with the authorities and the community. We also guide, create and exploit linkages and provide the proper advice to companies willing to reach the benefits of support developing programs given by the three government levels.

We offer a wide range of services to help build your network of customers and / or distributors abroad through the professional, efficient and cost effective participation in International Trade Fairs. We work with you to prepare, organize, develop and mainly optimize every detail of the show to ensure the success and return on investment.


Additionally, Expand Consulting MX seeks out and support foreign companies in México planning to establish new operation facilities, relocate production capacities, the opening of distribution centers or regional offices, joint ventures and partnerships. We provide quality services featuring information on business operating conditions, investment related laws and regulations, as well as specific projects and privatization opportunities within México.