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Business Consulting
Imports & Exports Solutions


Custom solutions for:

  • Expand your business activity to international markets
  • Enter new markets
  • Establishing stable and broader customer base
  • Use excess capacity
  • Response to competition
  • Use of new technologies to penetrate foreign markets


Export and International Business, we help at various stages of the process:

  • Identification and selection of business opportunities
  • Analysis and market research (habits, attitudes and motivations of consumers)
  • Development of export plans
  • Development and certification of suppliers
  • Exploration and development of foreign market
  • • Identification of potential customers and / or distributors
  • Analysis and use of FTAs
  • Logistics studies
  • Opening of sales or distribution channels


Development of business plans and projects:

  • Development of business plans
  • Analysis of technical feasibility
  • Financial evaluation
  • Development of business pre-projects and projects
  • Cost control and budget control
  • Development of processes and procedures
  • Cost reduction analysis
  • Evaluation of internal control for timely decision-making


Public Relations, contact with government is necessary and requires a strategic work:

  • Training programs
  • Company’s economic activity map development
  • Public Relations Programs
  • Identification of targets and objectives
  • Analysis of the decision space.
  • Definition  of influence strategies.
  • Representation with stakeholders.
  • Government management
  • Collaboration with development agencies


Consultancy and Management for Participation in International Trade Fairs

  • Selection of exhibitions and international events
  • Preparation for participation, translation and business assistance
  • Post-event Management


Support for Foreign Investors:

  • Investment feasibility studies 
  • Industrial costs
  • Sectors profiles
  • States profiles
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial parks
  • Trade agreements benefits
  • Company establishment process
  • Lobbying considering the three government levels 
  • Site location selection
  • Human resources